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Satu is an active All Breed judge. She made her examination in cat.I in 1984, in cat.II 1989, in cat. IV 2000 and in cat. III 2006. So far she has judged in nearly 800 shows all over the world, in Europe, North and South America, Australia, Africa and Asia.

Satu is a FIFe AB judge but judging occasionally also in other organisations shows as a guest judge. She is also a mentor for pupil judges

Next shows Satu is happy to judge:
21.1.17 Lahti (FI)
22.1.17 Lahti (FI)
4.2.17 Athens (GR)
5.2.17 Athens (GR)
19.2.17 Taipei (TW) CFA
11.-12.3.17 Bangkok (TH) CFA
18.3.17 Ljubljana (HR)
19.3.17 Ljubljana (HR)
2.4.15 Seoul (KR) CFA
8.4.17 Turku (FI)
9.4.17 Turku (FI)
29.4.17 Ostrava (CZ)
30.4.17 Zilina (SK)
7.5.17 Croyden (AUS) CCCA
13.-14.5.17 Adelaide (AUS) CCCA
21.5.17 Sydney (AUS) CCCA
7.10.17 New Romney (GB)
8.10.17 New Romney (GB)
14.10.17 Årslev (DK)
15.10.17 Årslev (DK)
21.-22.10.17 Bangkok (TH) CFA
11.11.17 Helsinki (FI)
12.11.17 Helsinki (FI)
2.12.17 Toscana (IT)
3.12.17 Toscana (IT)
3.2.18 Genova (IT)
4.2.18 Genova (IT)
3.3.18 Wroclaw (PL)
4.3.18 Wroclaw (PL)
18.8.18 (BE)
19.8.18 (BE)