EC&IP Siriuksen Merlin, DSM as a tiny kitten

Kittens are sometimes available as pets, for breeding and show
to loving and permanent  homes (no cages!).
Our cats are FIV-, FeLV-, bloodgroup tested 
and persians and exotics used in breeding PKD-DNA negative

We export:
our kittens are in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Iceland, Great Britain, Germany, Belgium,
Switzerland, Portugal, Estonia, Latvia, Poland, Italy, Spain, Croatia & Brazil.


American curl SH kitten born 21.1.2017:    

Siriuksen Ragnar LothbrokCurl
Brown spotted American Curl shorthair

GIC Siriuksen ManzoniCurl x IP&EC Siriuksen IdaCurl

SC Siriuksen GipsyRoseCurl
Black American Curl longhair

SC Siriuksen AristoCurl x Siriuksen SalsaCurl, DM


From left:: VegaCurl, VenusCurl, ViggoCurl, VincentCurl, VidalCurl & VictorCurl


Siriuksen VenusCurl - available / varattavissa
Black SH female

1 x NOM



American curl kitten born 15.8.2017:    


GIC Murmelin Dexter

redtabby harlequin American Curl Shorthair

GIC Minnikatin McLaren
CH Trollin Hissu

GIC Siriuksen NidaCurl

brown spotted American Curl Shorthair

IC BR*Aruak Curl Barth
IP & EC Siriuksen IdaCurl

Inbreeding coefficient / sukusiitos 0 % (4gen), 1.63% (8 gen)

Brownspotted / white male







 IC Almathea Boogie Nights
black persian
Almathea Total Eclipse x Almathea Aretha Franklin

NO*ConBrio's Dior SilverShine
tortie silvertabby exotic

S*IxiDixi's Ag-Aton x IC Siriuksen Exotic Vampira

CH Alsace Exotic Laurel
Silverspotted exotic

CH NO*Con Brio's Silver Gaparelli x
IC Kis'Herbas Lavazza of Siriuksen


CH Siriuksen Exotic Delia
Silvertabby exotic

GC & IC Aftabi Top Spin of Siriuksen x
 EC NO*Con Brio's Nin-O-Silver-Nuts

 IC Almathea Boogie Nights
black persian
Almathea Total Eclipse x Almathea Aretha Franklin

JustOneWish Splatter Painted

dilute calico female

CHJustOneWish Enrique Enrique x Alizara Red Hot Hannah


IC BR*Aruak Curl Barth
Brown spotted bicolour American Curl Longhair

BR*Aruak Curl Mordred, JW x
BR*Aruak Curl Pandora The Odd

FIFe & CFA CH Sarcenet Wendy of Siriuksen
Shaded golden American Curl Longhair

RW, SGC Magnificat True Love Curl x 
Sarcenet Stunning Silver