EC&IP Siriuksen Merlin, DSM as a tiny kitten

Kittens are sometimes available as pets, for breeding and show
to loving and permanent  homes (no cages!).
Our cats are FIV-, FeLV-, bloodgroup tested 
and persians and exotics used in breeding PKD-DNA negative

We export:
our kittens are in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Iceland, Great Britain, Germany, Belgium, Holland, France,
Switzerland, Portugal, Estonia, Latvia, Poland, Italy, Spain, Croatia, USA, Brazil, Thailand & China


American Curl Long & Shorthair kittens born 24.8.23

Siblings to our multi winner AlfaCurl

SC Curland Unique, DM
Chocolatetabby American curl longhair

CH Curland Kelvin x CH Curland Isabella 

SC Siriuksen TianaCurl
 Bluetabby bicolour shorthair

Siriuksen Ragnar LothbrokCurl, DSM DM
x GIC White Star Iskra of Siriuksen, DM


VesperCurl, Brown mackerel LH male
Available for shows/breeding- Varattavissa näyttely/kasvatus


VernonCurl, Brown spotted SH male
Available show/pet/breeding- varattavissa näyttelyyn/lemmikiksi/kasvatukseen


Almathea Boogie Nights

black persian

Almathea Total Eclipse x Almathea Aretha Franklin

 IC D'Eden Lover Supernova of Siriuksen
browntabby exotic

GC D'Eden Lover Nono of Ydem x D'Eden Lover Never Forget


GIC Sugar Curl Souffle of Siriuksen
creamtabbypoint bicolour longhair American Curl

 CFA GRC Sugar Curl Cinnamon x  
TICA GRC, CFA CH Tabbyorchid Elsa of Sugar Curl

IC Siriuksen QiuCurl
tortietabby bicolour longhair American Curl

IP&SC Siriuksen DingoCurl x  
IC Siriuksen XianCurl


Alsace OeCurl
redtabby American curl shorthair

 NW. SC & GRC Siriuksen TritonCurl, JW x  Alsace PradaCurl

GIC Siriuksen EnniCurl
Browntabby bicolour longhair

WW23, BW22, SW22, NW22, SP
(CFA RW, GP) Siriuksen AlfaCurl, JW DSM
x SC Siriuksen BelinaCurl





GIC Luxury Velvet Aristocrats
lilactortie tabbypoint bicolour American curl longhair
Ivan Velvet Aristocrats x Curling In Love Raven