IC Bright of Boomer, JW

ACL ns 22, DOB 4.8.02

Sire: EC Russicurl´s Curly-Curl
ACL n 21 33
Dam: CH Curlniques Beauty For Ashes
ACL ns
Procurlharem Murphycurl
ACL ds 22
CH DBCats Lil´Bigman of Procurlharem
ACL ns 23
GC&BW Curlniques Rock-of-Ages of DBCats                             ACSn 23
GC Curlniques Lil Two Bits of DBCats                           ACL ns 23
GC Procurlharem Louisa May Alcurll, DM
ACL f 21 33
GC Procurlharem Louisa May Alcurll, DM                               ACL f 21 33
GC&BW&RW Procurlharem Lauren Bacurl, DM                          ACLf 22
Samoa Gems Russicurl of Russicurl
ACL n 33
CH Sarcenet Enigma
ACL ns 09
Sarcenet Chotis de Madrid      ACL n
Sarcenet Destiny                  ACL ns
Sandybears Slvrshekel
of Curlniques
ACL ns 24


Sandybears  Silver Dust
ACS ns 24
Suncurl Curl Sagan of Sandypaws                      ACL a 23
Scotlind Curly Simon of Sandybears                ACS ns 23
Curlniques Tawny Mirage
ACL n 24
Curlniques Gideon´s Candlelight 
                                   ACL d 23
Shulamith of Curlniques    ACL n
Curlniques Obsessed With Lilac
ACS c 
Curlniques Pouff Bombe
ACL as 24
Sandybears I´m A Buddy  ACL ny 24
Curlniques Niarobi Princess    ACS n
Curlniques Niarobi Princess
ACS n 
Philemon of Curlniques
                                    ACS n 25
Curlniques LyCurlish Twhistt
                                          ACL n